Main field: IT based ITS

We are now researching on the ITS area defined as "human and things transport systems sophisticated by IT (Information Technology)" based on systems innovation theory. Considering the layered architecture of ITS fields shown in Fig.1, our fields include ITS communication, positioning of human and things, human machine interfaces (HMI) for ITS, and the ITS platform supported by them, in addition, ITS applications on the ITS platform; for example, driving assistance systems, advanced demand signals (ADS) schemes, WYSIWYAS (What You See Is What You Are Suggested) navigation systems that provide intuitive navigation environments to uses, Liver ITS platform (LIP) depicted in Fig.2, airport passenger ITS (APITS), and so on. All of them are based on the thinking way of "the systems innovation economy-activation triangle in the ubiquitous age" illustrated in Fig.3.

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Examples of themes over the last three years:

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